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I like LastFm, it’s handy for taking note of what I listen to. It’s a shame iScrobbler doesn’t count repeat plays on the ipod, because I only get to update my ipod once in the evenings each day. So, the playcounts would be higher if LastFm counted all the times I’ve sat and listened to My Heart or Asteroids Collide or whatever on repeat. Anyway, the counts are still pretty interesting, especially if you’re as geeky about these things as I am. Here is exhibit A. The top two artists with the most plays:

These plays are all from this year. Alessi’s over-take is imminent, I listen to her more than any other band. But I have probably spent longer listening to Wildbirds because My Heart is 7 minutes long and I listen to that an awful lot.

So here are some fun, and scary, calculations:

Let’s say the average Wildbirds song is 4 minutes long, or 240 seconds. 240 x 2066 = 495, 840 seconds of Wildbirds. 495,840/60 = 8, 264 minutes of Wilbdirds. 8,264/60 = 137.7 hours of Wildbirds. 137.7/24= 5.73 days of Wildbirds. That’s 5 solid days of Wildbirds, almost 6. I think we are about 215ish days into the year.

For Alessi I think the average song would be 3 and a half minutes, or 210 seconds long. 210 x 2,063 = 433, 230 seconds. 433,230/60= 7, 220.5 minutes, 7,220.5/60 = 120.3 hours 120.3/24= 5.01 days of Alessi.

Combined together is 10 solid days of non stop Alessi and Wildbirds this year. That is both scary and pleasing. I do listen to an awful lot of music at work these days, and when I was at university… pffft, I needed sweet tunes to keep me awake during boring lectures. It would be interesting to know how many solid days of the year I have spent listening to music. Probably quite a few.

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