New Scary Mansion

I’m still being amazingly self restrained and not repeatedly listening to Scary Mansion’s new songs. I figure it will make me even more excited for the album… as if anyone REALLY wants to see me that excited anyway. Nonetheless, I am going to be that excited. I just treated myself to a sneaky listen of On My Mind, and seriously, geeeeeeeez. Leah Hayes. Swoon-worthy indeed. This is brilliant. People today where asking me if a day goes by where I don’t mention Nando’s. I do indeed mention the chicken eatery an awful lot, but I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t say ‘Scary Mansion’, which is usually immediately preceded by ‘I really love’. This sentence is usually met with ‘NO WAY’ or ‘we would never have known’. 

The new Scary Mansion is going to be amazing. I listened to Every Joke Is Half The Truth today on the tube home from work. Sweet. The strange thing is, I can’t even remember how I found Scary Mansion. It’s pretty funny, if you go to the Scary Mansion LastFm shoutbox you can see a comment I left in February 2008 saying “wow i need to get her record, shes good”. Clearly I was too lazy to use apostrophes or capital letters when I was 17, but I think it’s pretty funny how things turned out. Little did I know that Scary Mansion would go on to be one of my most favourite bands. Awwwh.

I just listened to On My Mind again. Oops. You can listen to it though, go go go go go! SUCH a beautiful song. I really can’t wait to see Scary Mansion again. Such a special band for me. I feel really lucky to have that. Leah’s voice absolutely kills me. It’s perfect. 

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