New Scary Mansion soon, soon, soon.

The new Scary Mansion is what I am most excited to hear this year. Leah has three new songs on the Scary Mansion Myspace. I have only listened to them on one occasion previously, and again now. I have a funny thing where I don’t really like to listen to new songs out of the context of the album, but the first time I heard them I couldn’t resist listening again and again. And now, I couldn’t resist hearing them again. But I should ration my listens. On My Mind is really killing me though, I could listen to this on repeat for the next five hours. But I am going to hold off. The new album, when it comes, will own my eardrums for a long while. I’m sure. Ok ok ok, I can’t resist! I’m going to listen to On My Mind just one more time…

And also, not really gauntlet laying down, but kind of, if Scary Mansion don’t come to Britain I’m going to go to wherever they go. Just sayin’.


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