Review: Alessi at the East Resevoir

Here is a photo of Alessi at the East Resevoir up by Manor House:

HungaMunga put on this show at a wildlife reserve up in North London. The scenery was beautiful, you could hardly tell you were in London. It was a lovely event, Alessi and Tristram were great.

We got there in the afternoon and made a donation to get some food and snacks. I made a plate, and wrote ‘I like dinosaus’ on it. Spelling:FAIL. I didn’t even notice until my friend Robin pointed it out. I made another plate, I stuck it on a stick and wrapped cotton around it and stuck a lolly stick on it and some hearts and happy faces. I gave it to Alessi, and she gave me her plate on which she drew a motivational mountain saying ‘waley wakey’. It was great to have access to all these arts and crafts materials, I love to make stuff.

Alessi played up in a treehouse-esque bird hide. It was amazing. Alessi was brilliant as ever. From the bottom of my heart, she is, in my eyes atleast, the best person making music in London. I’ve seen her play so many times and I still get excited to see her play, because she’s really special and it’s always a treat to listen to her beautiful songs. Oh! What a talent! I still get a bit swoony. It’s hard not to! She played Shovel, The Horse, The Dog, Bird Song, Albertina, a bit of Money until the altitude of the treehouse ruled that one out, Asteroids Collide, Woman and Hummingbird. If I remember correctly. Listen to her amazing songs here. I listen to her album pretty much every day at work, if you haven’t got it, it’s called Notes From The Treehouse and it’s composed entirely of win.

Tristram played next and he was charming. He has a sweet voice. Listen to his songs here.

Go see Alessi live if you haven’t yet! You will love her. 

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