Review: Broadcast 2000 at the Luminaire

Switching billing times with Forest Fire (Forest Fire had to make a dash to France) Broadcast 2000 took the headline slot at Luminaire last Friday. I had seen them at the same venue just over a week before, and I knew they’d be fun again. Tommy Turbo has a new crew cut, and was typically on top form shreddin’ on his glock. This was the fourth time I had seen the band, and I think there is a ‘fourth time unlucky’ thing with some bands, where I see them four times and then feel like I’ve had enough for a while. This isn’t the case with Broadcast 2000. I’d happily see them again any time soon. They make really light hearted, enjoyable pop music that is alot of fun to tap your feet and hum along to.

The band have some really catchy songs and Joe and the whole band always seem so cheery and happy to be playing, which is totally endearing and sweet. After huge cheers from the audience they returned to do one more song. Louise took lead vocals singing a brilliantly fun cover of Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love You. The glockenspiel parts were brilliant and Louise has a fantastic voice. Lots of lovely things to say about this band, check them out. Myspace.

*that photo is from last time they played Luminaire. The lights were a bit reddish and gross this time. Boooo.

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