Review: Dawn Landes + She Keeps Bees at Brixton Windmill

Hark! Another week, another She Keeps Bees show. Just the way it should be! Brixton is a bit of a trek from where I live in North London, but it’s worth travelling far and wide for She Keeps Bees. If I wasn’t so busy I would pop along to Croatia this weekend to see them play.

Anyway. First was Anna Log. She played sweet little neurotic pop songs on ukulele and piano, it was lovely. Anna also plays and sings in We Aeronauts, and you can hear her songs here.

Next up, She Keeps Bees (!). They played Green Man at the weekend and I’ve had various people inform me that they were “AMAZING”. Of course they were! They were brilliant as ever at the Windmill. The place was a bit busier than last week (it couldn’t have been that much less busy) and the crowd seem to enjoy them. I can’t recommend Nests enough, go pick it up! It’s a delight. Go see them live too. Every time I hear them play Ribbon… it’s beautiful. I really adore this band, Jessica and Andy are such wonderful people who’ve brought some sweet light and energy to London, I can’t write enough good things about them. Listen to their music.

Dawn Landes was the headliner. She lived in my LastFm ‘recommended artists’ list for ages and ages. I had listened to her songs and they were very sweet and pleasant, but I much preferred her live. She has a lovely voice and the songs sounded good played as a three piece (with a drummer and bassist). Early on in the set a string on Dawn’s acoustic guitar snapped, she exclaimed ‘ohh man’ and then just carried on with the rest of the song without even stopping. They played the rest of the set with an electric guitar. She did a cover of Tom Petty’s Southern Accents which I particularly enjoyed. I left after half an hour or so, because Brixton is such a trek home, but I would happily catch her play again. Listen to her songs here and go see her play if you can.

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