Review: Devotchka at Cargo

Oh, Cargo. You are so hip. Hip and hot. Hiphot, some might say. Located on Rivington Street in Shoreditch, Cargo is always busy. It was especially busy because Devotchka managed to pack the place out completely, full of people up for a good old Eastern European-style hoedown. The room is rectangular, black, and hot. HOT! With the clammy weather and the high concentration of bodies, it was like the inside of Ainsley Harriott’s oven. HOT.

Moving on from the heat and on to Devotchka. If you’ve never listened to them, they play instrumentally rich, gypsy/punk/folk type of music. They hail from Denver and had a lovely array of instruments to entertain us with, including a few different guitars, violin, trumpet, accordion, double bass, theremin (!!!) and a sousaphone (one of these!!!) adorned in fairy lights. That’s alot of instruments for four people.

They played a 14 song set and returned for a two song encore. I thought they started off well and then loss some momentum, before regaining it for a run of five songs starting with C’est Ce La. They were fun to dance and clap along with, and the band seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Particularly the sousaphone lady, bobbing up and down in time with the music. The best part of the set was the encore. They threw balloons to the audience and the whole room was clapping and dancing. There was a lively atmosphere and it was a fun show. Check them out if you can. Here is their Myspace.

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