Review: I’m From Barcelona at Favela Chic

I approved of this show. Firstly, I’m From Barcelona are SUPER fun, secondly, Favela Chic is about 3 minutes from where I work. SuperĀ convenient. Despite being a mere 3 minutes from my office, I had never actually been to Favela Chic. It’s in Shoreditch opposite The Foundry. Inside is a medium sized main area, perhaps 200 person capacity, with some tables round the edges and a leafy stage area. From the ceiling hang chairs and other random trinkets. It was a cosy place and felt very Spanish (it made me want Nando’s).

There was no support band but there was a DJ spinning some tunes. The show was only announced a week or so before it happened, and it didn’t seem to be sold out. It was a shame because I’m convinced anyone who likes to have fun would love I’m From Barcelona.

I’m From Barcelona are just a fun band. You can’t go to a show and not have fun. There was bags and bags of confetti, giant balloons, paper planes… dancing, singing, crowd surfing. There were 12 members in the band and every single one of them looked like they were having a brilliant time. Set highlight for me, again, was Oversleeping/We’re From Barcelona. I love the transition between the two songs and We’re From Barcelona had literally the whole room bouncing and singing along. I’m From Barcelona are a fantastic band, what they do is really wonderful and I can’t wait to see them again. Listen to their sweet songs.

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