Review: Monotonix at The Garage

Oh! This feels like an eternity ago now. It was only last Monday. Here is my explanation of one of the weirdest shows I’ve been to this year:

I decided to take a day trip out of my usual musical leanings and try something new. Photos of Monotonix intrigued me (drumming on top of the crowd etc. etc.) and it was free as I was taking photos, so I thought it was worth popping along. It was. It was an experience.

Monotonix are from Israel and play noisy rock and roll. They look like vikings. Vikings who like to wear short shorts. They took to the stage, stayed there for about 4 seconds, before dragging the drum kit into the crowd. They rolled about on the floor, and on top of the audience. They had the audience hoist up the the stool and the drum kit and drummed whilst on top of the crowd. The singer was tapping on the ceiling and walking about with people holding him up by his feet. He dived into the bar, did the ‘moon walk’ (that’s one too many butts than I would have liked to have seen, thanks) and was just generally insane. There were three of them, and they all played with so much energy solidly for a whole hour.

The singer took great pleasure in throwing bottles of water everywhere. He made the audience sit on the floor, chant along with him and join in with the craziness. They are undeniably brilliant performers, and even though it’s not my thing musically, I can appreciate they put on a unique, fun show that their fans clearly loved. If you get the chance to go see Monotonix, I would say: GO! Even if you don’t like the music, it’s funny atleast. Plus, if you’re a photographer, it’s really fun to photo such an insane band.

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