Review: Port O’Brien at The Borderline

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I last (and first) saw Port O’Brien. Oh! That went by fast. I saw them play right at the very start of last October at 93 Feet East as part of the Concrete and Glass Festival. I enjoyed them and was happy to catch them again at the Borderline. I remembered them being good, but not this good.

They were chatty, cheerful and completely endearing. They played with so much passion and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. The show was completely sold out and there was an excited atmosphere. They played us songs from their forthcoming record as well as old favourites like Fisherman’s Son and Close The Lid. Best of all was I Woke Up Today, which was just one giant sing along. It was brilliant. The whole thing was made even better by the presence of Tyson Vogel on the drums. The man is incredible. He’s such a charismatic drummer, it’s hard to stop watching him.

Port O’Brien have a new record out in the autumn and a show at Scala on November 24th. They were so much fun live, I’d really recommend catching them. Listen to their jaunty folk pop songs here. Lovely.


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