Review: She Keeps Bees at Pure Groove

Yay! She Keeps Bees were welcomed back onto my calendar for an instore yestarday at Pure Groove in Farringdon. This was the sixth time I had the pleasure of witnessing their genius. I think the fact I can see them play so many times and not get bored illustrates how greatly their live performances capture me. Even with some bands I think are great, if I see them four or five times I feel like I need a break. Then there are some, like She Keeps Bees, who are impossible to be bored of.

They are a force to behold live! Jessica has such a stunning voice and Andy is a master on the drums. It all works so brilliantly. Jess was perhaps a little down because they apparently got a bad review in The London Paper. Well, the London Paper is made of fail… I wouldn’t trust it anyway. Nonetheless they were completely charming¬† and it was really exciting for me to hear their wonderful songs again, especially Ribbon. From the bottom of my heart, I really think they’re fantastic and recommend them. Listen listen listen.

Other interesting things: Andy got pooped on by a bird that day, and they recently ate at Nando’s in Coventry. You must love them even more now, right!? I do!

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  1. DMUKGR August 12, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    They where great last night as well – the place was rammed. It’s a shame you wasn’t there (I was looking out for you).

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