Scary Mansion in Europe

Scary Mansion! I like Scary Mansion. I really really really like Scary Mansion. EEE! I love Scary Mansion! Just sayin’.

The new record is called ‘Make Me Cry’ and is out on October 26th on Talitres. Mark your calendars!! Also, mark your calendars for November. Scary Mansion Europe tour. WOOP! Hopefully England will be counted in this one, but even if it’s not, it would be kind of fun to go on a trans-channel adventure again. Maybe I can convince some folk to come along too, it would be fun! And Scary Mansion-centric! My friend Adam says he won’t come near me for a fortnight if Scary Mansion announce a London date, because of all the high pitched squeeling that will inevitably ensue. Scary Mansuon induced quarantine, as you will.

Look at my liberal use of exclamation marks! I am excited! Hooray! Yip! Oh!


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