She Keeps Bees in London again

She Keeps Bees are coming back to London soon. Hooray! I really think this is a brilliant band and they are more than worth catching live. It was pretty fun at work on Friday, I managed to get everyone around our desk to simultaneously check out this video of Ribbon. Ribbon is so killer. It’s one of my favourite live songs of the year. In the top 10. Towards the top half. 

Not only that, Nests is one of the best records of the year. Buy it from Rough Trade. It’s so short and sweet! You can just listen again and again. Here are some London She Keeps Bees shows:

August 5th @ What’s Cooking, Walthamstow: I have no idea what this is, but Walthamstow is farrrrrr. I’m going to Alessi’s exhibition that night, but if you’re free and fancy a trek, then go go go!

August 10th @ Pure Groove, 7.30: YAY YAY YAY YAY. Free! You have no excuse not to come! I am going to go and I am probably going to be super excitable all day. Come with me! Yay.

August 11th @ Old Queens Head: I think this is in Islington, I may well pop along.

August 12th @ The Borderline: With Woodpigeon! Mark is awesome. I saw him with his band last time and it’ll be nice to catch them again too. Sons of Noel and Adrian are also on the bill.

August 17th @ The Windmill: With Dawn Landes. Dawn Landes has been in my LastFm recommendations for over a year, it will be good to finally check her out, even if Brixton is a bit of a trek.

August 21st @ The Wilmington Arms: This clashes with Beach House, boooo. Wilmington Arms is lovely, so if you’re free, go go go!

Then they play at Green Man and End Of The Road. There may well be additional dates around the country and more London ones TBA, but these are all right now. Make sure you catch them at one, or more.


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