St. Vincent supporting Grizzly Bear

Ohh, I didn’t get to update my blog when I found out this news yesterday. If I had been blogging any time soon since I found out the news yesterday afternoon then you could expect a post filled with hyperbole aplenty and liberal use of shouty caps. Basically, yesterday afternoon word on the e-street was that St. Vincent will be supporting Grizzly Bear at Barbican.

The folk at work and I got front row tickets right when they came on sale. I have to admit, I am more excited by St. Vincent being added, but that is perhaps because I am yet to experience the (apparently ridiculously amazing) joys of Grizzly Bear live. St. Vincent, on the other hand, is one who I know for sure is going to kill me with her brilliance. St. Vincent remains in my top 5 live acts of the year.


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  1. machininnautica August 5, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    Actually cannot wait for November. Daily I’ve been praying the Manchester CATHEDRAL gig will show mercy in not selling out & tomorrow I’m bagging my ticket at long last. I’m afternoon camping out for front row in, what will probably be, freezing cold rain. XD

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