Sunshine City

Because I am an inept human being (I had ice cream for breakfast today, for example) I did not realise that it was Sharon Van Etten singing on Sunshine City. Well, I did, but then I assumed it wasn’t her. Which is kind of a nonsensical thing to assume. And considering I’ve heard her sing live three times and listened to her cds many a time, is especially fail-worthy.

The first time I listened to the record it was my favourite track right away, and I immediately thought ‘hey! this sounds like Sharon!’ but then I was like ‘nah, this isn’t her’. And then I just assumed it wasn’t her. But, I just had a look in the album cover and her name is listed there. Sharon’s part in The Antlers’ album is my favourite too. Except when she sung in that part I didn’t confuse myself into thinking it was someone else. 

Also, in more Forest Fire-centric news, I had the pleasure and excitement of hearing the album played in Rough Trade today before the William Fitzsimmons instore. Yip! 

I can’t think of any more Forest Fire centric news. Oh wait, that’s a lie….. watch this. Amazing.



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