Thousand Crazy Nights

Here is a really fantastic song. I listened to it on repeat today. It’s that kind of song. And here is an uninteresting anecdote, should you be one disposed to reading uninteresting things:

At work I used to sit at a really annoying computer. It was annoying because it was neither Mac or Windows, it was Ubuntu. For those unfamiliar with Ubuntu: GOOD! Stay unfamiliar with it. Nothing works on it. This week I moved to a different computer, which is Windows. I prefer Macs but I prefer Windows to Ubuntu. I get Spotify on my computer now which is pretty handy for listening to the new Music Go Music songs. I’ve also been listening to a bunch of other tasty music lately, I am especially hooked on a song called Four Mills Brothers by Van Dyke Parks. Look it up if you are on an operating system that isn’t Ubuntu and have Spotify capabilities.

That tasty photo is by Autumn De Wilde, who seems to be Queen of tasty photographs.


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