Whispertown2000 headline show

Saturday 19th of September at the Luminaire.

HOORAY! I actually did a fistpump of joy upon this discovery. That means I get to see one of my favourite bands play at my two favourite London music venues (Union Chapel is the other one) and End of the Road Festival, all in the lovely month of September.

I’ve loved Whispertown for ages, they’re one of those bands that you won’t ever get bored of, the songs stay with you forever. I love them.

They’re also fantastic live, as well as on record. In my top 5 acts of the year, towards the top half. Through A Hole, From The Start, Atlantis, and Restless are all some of my most special, favourite performances of songs I’ve seen this year.

Pick up their first album, Livin’ In A Dream, it’s such a brilliant record. Swim came out last year and is also brilliant. I used to listen to this Daytrotter session LOADS, like, really loads. So should you.I loved Mountain especially, it was before I could hear it on Swim. I also used to listen to this beautiful live set from 2006 all the time. It’s free and there is absolutely no reason on earth why you shouldn’t download it.

Their Myspace is here. I just checked their store on your behalf, they still (!!!) have copies of the 200 limited edition Swim vinyls. Buy one! They come beautifully packaged. I’d really like this tote bag. Just sayin’. Also, they list ‘your mum’ as an influence. The hallmark of all great bands.

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