Woodpigeon and She Keeps Bees at the Borderline

I think listening to music becomes just a little bit lovelier when you know the people who are making it are such sweethearts. Tonight was very enjoyable because I got to see She Keeps Bees and Woodpigeon, both are bands which I like a lot. Here are three photos of three very lovely people:

Here is Mark, the mastermind behind Woodpigeon. Such a talented gentleman and such a warm, friendly heart. Go listen to his beautiful songs.

She Keeps Bees have propelled themselves into my heart in a special way. They make music that I find really exciting and captivating, and it’s such a treat to be able to see them play so often. Such a kind, warm, wonderful pair, I love them hugely. Listen to their songs, and pop to Rough Trade to pick up Nests!

Sons of Noel and Adrian were also good. I’ll review the whole show soon, soon! There are more photos here.

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