A Guide To: Seattle, Courtesy of Shenandoah Davis

By Kristin Tolliver

A couple of months ago I came across the wonderful music of the very talented Shenandoah Davis. She was in the UK but was heading back to the States very soon. I didn’t get to see her play but I had the pleasure of meeting up with her and she so kindly gave me her cds. They are beautiful. Listen to her songs here and also on Spotify, and make sure you come see her next time she’s in London. Here Shenandoah tells us about Seattle:

Best music venue: My favorite music venue in Seattle is hands-down the Tractor Tavern. They have the best sound guys in town, the entire staff is extremely laid-back and easygoing, the crowd is usually extremely appreciative (if at times a bit noisy), there’s a golden retriever that seems to be hanging out there most nights, and the green room is covered wall-to-wall in Sharpied alterations on band names replacing one syllable with the word ‘poop’ (i.e. the Poop Foxes, Margot and the Nuclear Poop-and-Poops, The Rolling Poops).

Best record shop: Sonic Boom…they have two stores and also do a lot of online sales, and really have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in every aspect of the local music community, from folk to hip-hop to electronica. They feature artists from the Northwest at the front of the store and on the listening stations, and have artists come in for in-store performances a couple of times a week.

Favourite Seattle bands: I don’t have the most unbiased opinions, of course, but I do have quite a few…The Maldives, KHV, Christopher Francis, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Damien Jurado, Widower, Husbands Love Your Wives, Betsy Olsen, The Whisky Swillers, Robert Deeble, Molly Rose, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Brittain Ashford…the list could go on, but I have a feeling that should be plenty for most people. But, as always, if you dig it, dig deeper.

Interesting Seattle fact: Everyone associates Seattle with the birth of grunge rock and Nirvana, but before that, it was a huge jazz town, and before that, a huge country town…I think the dismal weather encourages people to stay inside with their friends and fosters a good community of creative behavior. Regardless of genre or what is rising in popularity, all over Seattle you will stumble upon little pockets of like-minded, creative folks working on some fantastic projects together.

Anything else we need to know about Seattle? I don’t think so!

Photo by Kristin Tolliver.

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