Blitzen Trapper- Furr

Blitzen Trapper are a Sup Pop band from Oregon.  I so nearly went to their show last year at 93 Feet East, but that was right around the time I moved to London and I was still finding me feet with shows and venues. They play folky songs and are pretty poppy at times. I would recommend picking up their 2007 record Wild Mountain Nation. I plan on checking them out at End of the Road this weekend. My favourite from their most recent record, Furr, is murder ballad Black River Killer. My friend Lynn is super into the title track and says this:

“I’ve woken up to it for the past week and it’s almost been a pleasure to be disturbed from sleep.”

Gee, that must be pretty tempting to listen to now, right? They play End of the Road at the weekend and the Barfly on the 14th.  Listen to their songs here.


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