Comme Des Enfants


Coeur De Pirate. So wonderful. 18th of November, be there or be square. Tickets. Her speaking voice is less French than I imagined. Her album is one of my favourites from 2008. Listen to her really special, lovely songs here. I don’t speak French but I imagine she is singing about something nice. Yes.

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  1. gerlin September 2, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    I’m glad for you she’s coming! ‘Comme des enfants’ is basically about love. As are most songs. But anyway, if I’m not mistaken it’s about a guy that loves her but it’s not reciprocal. She’s in love with another guy but that guy just happens not to love her. A pretty sticky situation eh. Et voila.. Also, tell me what she said in between the songs, since I’m sure it’ll be in English with you guys and not French.
    I also hope no one will faint because that’s what happened with us.

    The end.

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