Done With Love EP

I bought this yesterday, and you can buy it too (!). It’s available at Rough Trade. My record player is at home in Ashford, BOOOO. I am pretty excited to hear the songs I don’t know. Here is some information:

The Whispertown 2000′s new release, the Done With Love EP, is out this week and available for download at your local iTunes store! A limited run 10″ vinyl version of the EP (with 2 bonus tracks) is out now in Europe in stores, and will be for sale on the road with the band. Here is the track listing:

Side A

1. Done With Love (album version)

2. Restless (a newly recorded version)

3. Atlantis (Dntel remix)

Side B

1. Hometown (previously only available on a split 7″ vinyl limited edition pressing with a Jenny Lewis A-side)

2. When The Day Is Done (previously unreleased – from the Swim sessions)

3. Mexico (previously unreleased – from the Swim sessions)

Songs in italics are on the vinyl EP only.

I am excited to hear the new version of Restless. I love Hometown, it’s been one of my favourite Whispertown songs since I first heard it. I have a live version from 2006 and the split with Jenny Lewis, but I may well have to buy the MP3 as well so I can listen to it On The Move (geddit???). Ok.


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