Everything’s in baaaaags….

Old Times:

So, everything is in bags. Everything, being my camera and a tent and some stuff. I am going away for a few days and will be back on Monday. I am going to End of the Road festival. I think they will have computers in the press tent and I might pop in if I’m in the ‘hood. No computer for 3 whole days is a funny thought, but also very nice. So in the mean time, I would recommend listening to some Alessi’s Ark until I get back. And also some repeat listens of Hospice wouldn’t go amiss. 

To the people who have sent me self addressed envelopes: I will post your mini books on Monday.

To people who have emailed me and I haven’t replied: Sorry. I will reply on Monday.

To the people coming to End of the Road: See you tomorrow.


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