Free time a’coming!

My contract at work ends next Friday. It was an interesting four months.

Basically, I am going to have some free time. It is going to be INCREDIBLE. An extra eight hours given back to me each day will be a luxury. I plan and hope to do some exciting things, I’ve done pretty well at saving my money to last me for a while. It will mean I will be able to blog properly again- hurray! My blog has been pretty patchy since I started work in May, and I want to make it good again.

Amongst all my free time: I am available for work. If you ever asked me to draw you something or make you a mix cd or anything, I am finally going to have time to do it. If you would like to commission me for a drawing, that would be incredibly nice and I would make sure I draw you something as good as I can. I can draw comics about you, posters, flyers… anything you want. Send me an email to: I can also take photographs, and I am not adverse to doing odd jobs and I wouldn’t mind doing some press work for any bands. Anything. Because I need money to get by, and also to fund Nando’s. Just kidding. I’m going to have to give up Nando’s as a treat for special occasions only. Sad times. But also exciting times.

I am excited. Who knows what I’ll be up to in a couple of months time. I like autumn. It’s my favourite season.

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  1. Felix September 16, 2009 at 11:45 am #

    Autumn’s my fav too. Well, after summer. Good luck with everything.. x

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