Holly Miranda at the Social

I first started listening to Holly Miranda earlier this year when I got hooked on her cover of Between the Bars with Scott Matthew. As with the rest of the internets, I think she is wonderful. Such a beautiful, classical sounding, voice. She did a ‘secret’ show at the Boogaloo back in May but I couldn’t make it, I was already at a different show at the Union Chapel. I figured she’d be back soon, so I wasn’t too upset (though I did ALSO have to miss Basia Bulat that day, what a clashy nightmare).

So maybe a month or two ago when my friend and ILL FIT man, Rich Thane, told me he had just booked her for his clubnight at The Social on October 20th, I did a little fist pump. I always get excited when I find out news like this, then the excitement turns to nerves as I nervously check my calendar to see if I am free on the day of the show. I checked… “NOOOOOOOOO”. I am seeing Soap&Skin that day. I was hugely disappointed. Gig clashes are no fun.

So, if you are not at Soap&Skin, I can’t recommend enough this show at The Social with Holly Miranda on October 20th. It will be lovely. I am sad I can’t make it but I’m hoping more show dates are on the way. I look forward to hearing her amazing voice live and in person. Her Myspace is here, that beautiful black and white photo is by Holly’s friend Raimy Rosenduft. She is currently on tour with The Antlers. I just looked on her Myspace, she also has a show at the Garage on the 8th with Wild Beasts. I am at Fiery Furnaces that day. BOOOO. Clash clash clash…


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