Jay Jay Pistolet

From his blog:

Since my last blog a lot has changed. It’s been a frustrating summer.

For now, I’m laying down my acoustic guitar. That is to say, I will not be playing shows or releasing material as Jay Jay Pistolet in the near future. Change is upon us but death is not. I’ll be back. For now though I’m concentrating on a new musical project that will take me in an entirely new direction. I’m incredibly excited. Stay tuned…

For now, I’ve uploaded some of my favourite songs onto my Myspace page. some new, some old and some unheard. I continue to record at home so expect more in the coming days and weeks. Most will be available to download.

I really enjoyed him the two times I saw him play last year and think it’s a shame he won’t be playing anymore, but you can hear his songs on the Myspace. My favourite is Happy Birthday You, there’s a good live version here.


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