Jaymay- Autumn Fallin’

Yesterday I went for a meeting at the Betsey Trotwood. We were waiting at the bar and what should come on over the speakers? JAYMAY. Amazing. I always love it when I unexpectedly hear songs I love while I’m out and about. So we listened to Jaymay and it was lovely. I haven’t listened to her record Autumn Fallin’ om quite a while, a few months or so.

I listened to it again, and remembered why I love it. It’s so laid back and just a really easy listen. The songs are sweet and catchy and I like the songs alot, you should listen to her if you haven’t yet. Her Myspace is here. I remember that she was working on an EP called 10 Under 2, of ten songs under two minutes long… but that was quite a while ago. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.


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