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I’m trying to compute what my favourite live bands are of this year, but it’s giving me headache. I think I’ve been to 212 shows and seen 343 bands. Isn’t that a pretty symmetry? Anyway, one of my favourites, probably in the top 10, is Beach House. They make such beautiful, dreamy songs. 

Furthermore, they make some of my favourite music videos ever. I don’t usually watch music videos more than once unless they are particularly brilliant, but I would most certainlty recommend watching Beach House’s videos. They suit the music so well and are beautiful to watch.

GILA (from 2008′s Devotion)- This song is brilliant to begin with. The music video features lots of creepy candles plus Victoria glaring into the camera clutching a chain around her fingers, strobe lighting and some general creepiness. Weird symbols, Alex making potions in the sand, bear mask… it’s all pretty dark and weird. COOL.

MASTER OF NONE (from self titled first album Beach House)- Victoria does some enthused dancing and plays keys, while Alex wears a fetching sweater and plays slide guitar. Just an average day in Beach House. Then a skeleton comes, Alex does some stamping, they’re fed food by giant hands, Victoria has a party. Sweeet.

USED TO BE (2008 single) – The lightest and brightest, and probably fanciest, of Beach House’s videos. It’s set in the desert… it’s a story, you have to watch it.


This is my favourite Beach House video because it just captures the spirit of the song so perfectly. It’s so dreamy and wonderful, and features Victoria wheeling Alex around in a trolley. My favourite part is when they burst out of the garage. Perfect.

Next time I (one thing I don’t like about having my name in the blog title is that I can’t use the Royal ‘WE’) shall explore St. Vincent’s music videos.


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  1. anotherbird September 26, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    mhmm, they do have nice videos! my other favourite people with music videos are probably au revoir simone and ladytron

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