One year

One year ago to the day is when I moved to London and the gigging began. Actually, a year ago and one day is when I moved to London (but the gigging hadn’t began). One year ago to this day was a Monday. I ‘started’ university, well, I registered myself onto the course (of DOOM). I can’t remember what else I did that day, but it wasn’t very interesting. I did, however, discover (joyously) that Pure Groove was a mere 10 minutes walk from my halls of residence.

So, me being me, I took full advantage of this right from the beginning. On that Monday I went to two Pure Groove instores, simply because they were free and close and it was exciting. I saw Sam Isaac at lunch and Heartsrevolution at dinner. Neither were really my cup of tea, but it was free (!) and I was so excited by the prospect of seeing live music more regularly than ever before.

The first week of uni was pretty uninteresting, they were ‘easing us in’ and I really wasn’t interested in going to any ‘school disco’ parties at the University. I am boring, obviously.¬† The next day I saw Ladyhawke for free, and Those Dancing Days the next. Apparently I have been to Pure Groove 56 times in total now. I had been once before moving¬† (a month earlier to see Houlette), so in the year since that first instore since moving, Sam Isaac, I have been to 55 instores. I used to go to everything just because I lived close and it was free, though I go to less now.

I look back on that time with fondness. I hadn’t made any friends yet and I was going to all these shows alone just because it was so new and exciting. There’s something quite wonderful about going to shows by yourself. These days it’s pretty rare for me to go to a show and not spot a friendly face, which I think is also a wonderful thing, but nonetheles… going to shows by yourself is great. I’d say to anyone, if you can’t find anyone to go with you, or you are new and don’t know anyone yet: go anyway! I’ve been so lucky this year and met so many really amazing people.

Suddenly I feel quite nostalgic. I think with the cold weather I’ll feel even more nostalgic. I spent the whole winter eating barely anything and spending my entire student loan on going to shows. Maybe this winter I will go back to eating nothing and spending my savings on some music-centric ideas and schemes. It’s been a brilliant year and I’ve gotten to see so many wonderful bands and meet so many wonderful people and learnt such a lot. I love music and live music so much and I hope that the coming year will be as exciting, even though I have absolutely no clue at all what’s in store…

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