Review: Anna Calvi at the Barfly

On Saturday night I wound my way over to Camden to catch Anna Calvi play at the Barfly. I really don’t like Camden at all, I think it’s one of the most overrated parts of the city. I chill in East London every day, and in the evenings and nights, but I never feel intimidated or unsafe. The streets of Camden were littered with loutish folk, one motioned to head-butt me and another was swinging his arm around and it nearly hit me. Charming. The only redeeming factor is I have friends who live there. But besides that, I have no desire to go to Camden, EVER.

Anyway, when I reached the venue things got nicer. First on was Lindsay West, who was a surprise treat. She was absolutely brilliant and had one very Feist-esque song. I only caught the last three songs of her set but I am really keen to see her again. She seems to be American/Canadian and living in fair London, so I do hope to catch her next time she does a show. Listen.

Next, Anna Calvi. I had only briefly listened to her songs beforehand and didn’t know her material very well. I had her described to me in several ways before we watched her play, ‘most amazing female guitarist EVER’ and ‘like music out of a Tarantino movie’ stuck in my mind. She was indeed very good, brilliant at guitar and parts of it were Tarantino-esque. I particularly enjoyed the harmonium accompaniment. Listen to her songs here.

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