Review: AU at Cafe OTO

After I collected my cookies from Scala I headed to Cafe OTO. That’s right, I had to COLLECT MY COOKIES. They took my cookies away from me when I went into Scala. This is what I really don’t like about these giant corporate venues. It’s so pedantic. Maybe they were worried I would get crumbs on the floor or something. Either way, I was super happy to get away from Scala and head to the safe haven of Cafe OTO and a show put on by The Local.

I don’t know why, but I felt a bit out of place at Scala. But as soon as I got to Cafe OTO I felt right at home. It’s a cosy little venue with tables and chairs and soft lighting and a warm atmosphere. I really like it alot.

The show was put together by the wonderful Local. Howard and Lucy are the masterminds behind this amazing force of wonder. I really love The Local, they put on such brilliant shows, with artists that actually fit on a bill together, and they take so much care and put so much effort into it… all for the love of good music. London is lucky to have promoters like these.

I made it just in time for Twi and the Humble Feather. They are a trio from New York and their album is called Music For Spaceships and Forests. That is literally what it sounds like. There are three men with guitars and they all sing. Except it’s not really singing, they use their mouths and voices to make sounds. Atmospheric, wonderful sounds that transport you into a spaceship landing in a forest. The guitar parts are wonderful and there are beautiful harmonics. They pull it off so well. It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen, worth an investigation for sure. Hard to believe that these sounds are their voices. Listen to them here.

AU headlined the show. We were told that it was their first ever show where everyone was sitting down and they encouraged people to stand. They were clearly having so much fun and it was very enjoyable. The drummer was a sight to behold. He drums so incredibly fast, it was amazing. It was different to how it sounds on record, but still very good.For the encore everyone did stand, and they got everyone in the room to scream. There was this part in the song, with maybe 30 seconds of the band and the audience just screaming. It was brilliant. So much energy and intensity, AU are a brilliant band. Catch them when you can, their Myspace is here.

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  1. Adam September 17, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    I did grin when you described the Scala as a “giant corporate venue.”

    • anikainlondon September 18, 2009 at 9:52 am #

      I LIKE SMALL STUFF. My perspective is warped.

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