Review: Bandstand Busking September

Another month, another fun busk. Those months just roll right round, don’t they?! The next month will be in October, a whole year since I first discovered the joys of the truly brilliant Bandstand Busking. This month it was the turn of Peggy Sue and Sons of Noel and Adrian.

Peggy Sue were first. It was lovely. I’ve seen them a few times previously. They played Once We Were Strangers, which is my favourite of their songs, so I was happy. Katy and Rosa have pretty epic voices and I enjoy the accordion part in The Sea, The Sea. Listen to their songs.

Then it was Sons of Noel and Adrian. All 50 million of them. Imagine what would happen if they played on the grass…. all the moles would come out. ¬†Stompety stomp. Helen is quite the master of the flute. It’s an instrument I enjoy the sound of, I used to play it when I was thirteen but gave up after a few years. I kept hitting myself in the teeth with it.

Stay tuned to Bandstand Busking. The next busk will be on October 4th. 

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