Review: Chimes & Bells at Bush Hall

Bella Union is such a wonderful label. Celebrating their 12th birthday they are hosting shows throughout the week at the beautiful Bush Hall. I popped along to the Monday show, super excited to catch the very talented Danish group Chimes & Bells.

When I entered the hall I was greeted by the beautiful sound of Bella Union artists Beach House’s superb Astronaut. Good work. The tables were out and atop each table was a cute little (actually pretty big) box full of tasty Bella Union cupcakes. Such a sweet (literally), lovely touch.

The band were opening up the show for Kissaway Trail (who were also very good) and My Latest Novel (I had to make a dash before they played). I had seen the Danes twice earlier this year and was hugely impressed. They play some wonderful music that reminds me of almost a cross between the dreamy plod of Beach House and the impassioned energy of Wildbirds & Peacedrums. Every member of the band gets really into the music and singer Cæcilie Trier has a magnificent voice. They have an EP which I would recommend picking it up, it has beautiful artwork. Here is their Myspace. My favourite song they do is not from the EP, it features Cæcilie beating a wood block and there’s the line that starts ‘If you don’t feel it….’. I like that one and I can’t wait to hear a recorded version. If you get the chance, go see Chimes & Bells.

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