Review: Hunga Munga Festival

The premise of Hunga Munga is wonderful. The space is decorated beautifully and there are arts and crafts materials laid out for you to play with, and there are lots of super lovely people there. It’s so lovely.

Throughout the day there were tons of bands and some comedy. I made a sign that said HELLO out of scrunched up paper. It was a sweet day spent with friends. I was there to see Alessi play…

She played with her band and they were wonderful. They did Robot, Over The Hill, The Horse, The Dog, Dancing Feet, Bird Song, Asteroids Collide, Ribbon Lakes, Glendora… maybe more. For the encore Alessi rustled up a song about Nando’s and played Woman. WHAT A WINNER. I see some bands three times and I’ve had enough, but I don’t get bored of Alessi.

Nice to see someone so wonderful play so often. Alessi’s Ark.

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