Review: Julie Doiron at Pure Groove

A lovely, wonderful lunchtime instore. Julie Doiron came and played, hailing all the way from Canada. She played with two friends. The three of them were very tired and Julie was quite shy and nervous, sweet and endearing.

The trio played songs from Julie’s latest record I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, including Tailor and the wonderful Nice To Come Home. The songs sounded perhaps rockier than you may expect. Julie has a fragile and captivating (yet consistently brilliant) voice. For one song the drummer sang lead vocals and Julie and the guitarist sang back up vocals. It was a folk song which appears on an album the three piece recorded in a garage around one mic back in August. The CD is currently only available from the band. 

The cream on the cake, for me, was at the very end of the set. By the end the nerves were less apparent and Julie seemed more at ease, asking ‘do I dare ask if anyone has any requests?’.

I can’t even remember where I found Julie Doiron’s music, or how I came across it. It must have been over two years ago now, but the first song of hers that I heard was a song called Me And My Friend. I fell completely in love with that song and listened over and over and over. I adore it.

So as soon as she asked the question, despite quite a dislike of shouting requests, I spoke up and said ‘Me And My Friend!’ before anyone else requested anything. I was sitting on the floor and she looked down and reassuringly said ‘Me And My Friend‘. People started calling out more songs, and she agreed to play another (I forgot which) and then Me And My Friend. And she did. Rounding off the set with my favourite song, sweetly introducing it saying ‘this is a sad song’. 

It is a sad song. It’s about loneliness and reflection. Having a friend who you love and are comfortable with, and then you grow apart. Sad but beautiful. It’s such a dear song to me, I love it so much. It was an unexpected treat to hear it live. If you want to hear it too, it features on the album Woke Myself Up. Julie and her husband made a wonderful, sweet, lovely, beautiful music video for it which you can watch here


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