Review: The Antlers at 229

Hospice is one of my favourite records of the year. It’s completely brilliant, I’ve listened to it about 100 times. It’s a fairly long album, so I can only assume I have spent probably a few days worth of solid listening to the beautiful songs on the album. And so, it was with great pleasure that I got to see The Antlers play their first UK show.

229 is not one of my favourite venues, but I don’t particularly dislike it either. It’s just… ok. It’s conviniently located, about 30 seconds from the tube, which means I’m pretty happy when shows are there. Inside there’s a small stage in a rectangular, quite-clinical room. The sound is pretty good.

There were a couple of bands before The Antlers. They didn’t hold my interest. I just wanted The Antlers. There was merchandise for sale, I was especially excited to buy the Hospice vinyl. In fact, I was just excited FULL STOP! I had to resist hugging and hi-fiving everyone.  EEE!

They opened with Bear. They slowed the tempo down and it was beautiful. I was kind of hoping they’d play Hospice in full, but they only treated us to six songs. Each one was brilliant. Darby and Peter sang Sharon’s parts in Thirteen, it was wonderful. A friend asked me what I’d do if Sharon appeared on stage to sing, and I said I would probably SWOOOON. Michael was brilliant on drums. I love the drum parts in Two. It was an amazing set, with such rich sounds. Amazing to think that three people can make such a huge sound. I really can’t write enough good things about The Antlers, I feel like they’ve got some big, epic things ahead of them. I can really picture them this time next year selling out shows at venues like The Scala.

After the set we got to chat with them and they were all super lovely and I like them even more than I did previously. Such a wonderful band, I can’t wait to see them again and again and again. If you haven’t got Hospice yet, I can hardly recommend it enough. Such a treasure.

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