Review: The Antlers at the Macbeth

For me, when I really really love a band, it makes perfect sense to see them as many times as possible, because it means guaranteed loveliness. So after catching The Antlers the day before at 229, I knew I was in for a treat at The Macbeth.

Before I watched the band play we got to have a chat for a while upstairs, for an interview for The Line Of Best Fit. The three of them are super lovely, and it makes their music even more wonderful knowing that such sweet, genuine people are making it. There are so many good things I could write about The Antlers (!). One of the most brilliant bands I’ve seen this year. I will post a link to the interview when I transcribe it and it’s posted. 

The Antlers opened up the show. They played a five song set- Kettering, Sylvia, Shiva, Two and Cold War. They were as amazing as the night before. It’s hard to believe that just three people can make such a fantastic sound. Michael is a master at the drums, and it’s so impressive to watch Darby with his millions of pedals, keys and gadgets. Peter’s vocals are even more beautiful live, his voice absolutely kills me. Amazing. My favourite part of the set is in Sylvia, from the part after the epically loud explosion of brilliance, when it quietens and it starts with Sylvia, can’t you see what you are doing… It’s perfect. I love these songs so much, Hospice is something really special and I can’t recommend it enough.

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