Review: Whispertown 2000 at Rough Trade East

What a joy! Things have come along way since I first started listening to Whispertown. I couldn’t find their album and none of my friends were interested in them/had never heard them. Fast forward three years and they are playing at my favourite record shop in London and I am watching them with lots of wonderful friends. Brilliant. I was pretty excited(!!!).

They started with 103. Morgan’s voice kills me, it’s perfect. They played nine songs but it went by pretty quickly. Not only are they lovely to hear they are so fun to watch. They look like they’re having so much fun (mid set hi-fives!) and play with alot of passion and you can really feel their energy. Pehaps it would be good to have a keyboard in the live setup, particularly for songs like Pushing Oars (and so we can hear Atlantis!) but regardless I love the way the songs sound live. I love this band hugely and I would happily see them again and again… If you still haven’t given them a good listen, you can hear their songs here. Please listen, I hope you love them too.

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