Sorry to everyone who has emailed me in the past few days. I will email you back, I will! I promise. I am super busy. I have lots of things I want to post but haven’t had time….. YET! But! Because it was a bank holiday, it means today is Wednesday and not Tuesday, which means it’s almost the weekend and therefore almost time to blog and rest and reply to emails. Furthermore, I seem to have some sort of issue where I can’t help but start new projects when I am already super busy. Here are some things for now and the coming weeks:

Possibilities In Winter: I made this on Sunday, after feeling a bout of creativity. I want to have a limited edition of 50, I have given about 20 to friends and I have about 10 reserved. So, if you want one, let me know now.

Danger In September: Dangers of September: This is a new book I am starting, it is A5 sized and will be finished at the end of September, about 20 pages/40 sides.

My comics: My comics are almost finished! Hundreds of hours worth of drawing in one book. But, I am super behind and have got some old pages to fill in as well as a few more pages to go. I am pretty excited. 

The Allotment: The Allotment is something really exciting that I’m doing with my friend Lynn who runs For Folk’s Sake. Stay tuned.

Then, in terms of shows (and a large part of the reason why I have no time to get anything done) I am seeing The Antlers tomorrow, Thursday, Friday (twice) and then Bandstand Busking on Sunday.

Today I went to a Bella Union event and I am feeling the love for their brilliant record label. It is almost time for the Bella Union takeover week over on The Line of Best Fit, I’m quite excited. I love the label hugely, it’s a favourite:

Bella Union


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