At the end of 2008 I declared Whispertown’s second record, Swim, to be one of my most favourite records of the year. Just about one year on, it’s still one of my favourite records and I listen to it alot. Especially lately, what with the LA four piece gracing our shores with their brilliance over the next few weeks.

The record followed the brilliant Livin’ In A Dream, released in 2006. Moving on from that, Swim feels alot more buffed out. The songs really glisten but not to the point that they feel over polished or unreal; it’s just right. It was a treat to hear studio versions of 103, Mountain and Ebb and Flow,  which were available via the band’s excellent Daytrotter Session as well as some completely new songs.

The chunky guitar parts give the songs a real punch, and the little piano flourishes here and there are wonderful. Singer Morgan Nagler has such a unique, special, amazing voice that just touches your soul. And the album covers all bases, from heart wrenchingly beautiful, to ridiculously fun. Pushing Oars is something so special, but Atlantis really harnesses enough beauty to destroy the world. How can a song be so perfect!? The harmonies are unreal, they just kill me. And then, for fun times, you can’t beat From The Start/Jamboree. It’s so enjoyable and even more fun live. I can’t recommend this record enough. I really want you to fall in love with Whispertown too. Listen listen listen.

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