A Guide To: Halifax, Courtesy of The Superfantastics

The Superfantastics

Photo by Ricahrd Lann.

The Superfantastics are a duo from Halifax, Canada… check them out! Here Matthew gives us a guide to his town, which, for the less geographically inclined, is here.

Best music venue: The best music venue in Halifax would have to be the Seahorse Tavern. It is in a basement. The atmosphere is wonderful and there are seahorse statues with glowing red eyes.

Best record shop: The best record shop is TAZ records. They have tons of great used vinyl and the staff are superb.

Favorite Halifax bands: There are (as there has always been) a ton of great bands residing in Halifax. Some of our favs are Sleepless Nights, Laura Peek, Share, The Beginners and Dog Day.

Interesting Halifax fact: Halifax is home of Theodore Tugboat. The popular children’s tv series hosted by the late Denny Doherty of the Mamas & the Papas.

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