A Magical Touch Of Class

I was riding the tube and the sun was shining and the leaves were falling, it was all very pretty. I had just finished listening to Cherry Peel and put on A Magical Touch Of Class. There’s a piano introduction at the start of Don’t Change My Mind, and then Leah sings. I haven’t actually listened to much Scary Mansion lately (I’ve been bracing myself for their new album), so as soon as Leah started singing… it was swoon-worthy. She has such a wonderful voice, one of my favourites ever. Having listened to it so much it feels really familiar and warm, and after not hearing it for a little while it made it even sweeter to listen to again. So wonderful, so talented, still a favourite.

You can hear the A Magical Touch Of Class songs here. Perfect! Those songs really are perfect. Can’t wait to see Scary Mansion again, there’s not much at all that I would miss it for.


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