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Simon Raymonde, mastermind behind the wonderful Bella Union, has a shiny new blog which you can read here. I only have kind words to write about Simon and the label. I think one of the most special things in the world is to be able to share what you love with other people, and that’s what Bella Union does. 

This great video of Chimes & Bells was on the blog:

[vimeo 6394598]

I adore Chimes & Bells. I think that whatever they release next is going to be unbelievably good. That song they do is new and is called Do The Right. It’s been the set highlight for me every time I’ve seen them play. It’s reason enough to see them every time they play here. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t listen to and stay sitting still. Caecilie Trier has such a magnificent voice, it’s amazing! Such a treat to have this video recording of the song, make sure you listen to it. I can’t wait to hear it on an album or EP.

Ah! Watching that video makes me want to see them live again. Check out their Myspace.

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  1. Paulo October 19, 2009 at 6:23 am #

    have you watched all the videos on and ?
    Temporary Copenhagen has a 30+ minute video of 9 Danish bands (including Efterklang, Slaraffenland, Choir Of Young Believers, Jong Pang, Chimes & Bells- so I’m most chuffed with them) all playing in a house, merging from one band to another as the camera goes from room to room. They also include a band called Valby Vokalgruppe, which is a bunch of Danish girls (including C&B girl) doing this strange vocal singing. I got Jong Pang’s album recently, and was very pleased with it- it has coyb/c&b people on it, plus I only just realised that he had produced coyb’s album. Lot’s of interlinked goodness.

    and definitely watch Temporary Slaraffenland too. Their new album is amazing, and the live songs of them performing throughout Copenhagen are beautiful.

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