December 10th

Come to this show ::::

Isn’t that poster lovely? Drawn by Alessi and the talented Ben Phillips, who also does all the cool Peggy Sue artwork. You can get tickets through Ticketweb via the wonderful Platforms:live.

Everyone has to bring a present and then everyone swaps presents. How fun! I’m going to make something. SHARING IS CARING. Right? Right! Fun times. 

This show is particularly win-worthy for me because I love symmetry through time. I think it’s amazing how you can do the same thing on the same day exactly one year later… the same thing at the same time, but so many things have happened between those two events. I find it really interesting. Anyway. That very same day, December 10th, exactly one year ago, I saw Alessi play for the first time at the Wilmington Arms and knew she was amazing. One year and many a show later, I still think she’s amazing… even more so! What a joy. Double joy, in that Jake Bellows will be playing. I knew Alessi was amazing anyway, but it was when she covered Jake’s song A Man And His Dream at the Wilmington that I thought she was also really cool. Amazing + really cool = good combo. I am excited to see Jake play, and, as if it couldn’t be any more brilliant, Treetop Flyers are playing. Oh, and it’s at the Luminaire, the best proper music venue in London. A lovely night guaranteed…. have a listen to all those brilliant people and buy a ticket.

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