Don’t Be Upset

I know, I know I’ve posted this video about three times already. But, you know. This is as perfect as it could be:

I think Jeffrey Lewis is so wonderful. This Christmas time I’ll have been drawing comics for two years. I think around this time a year and a few months ago I finished an A4 comic about a holiday I went on. I was really super pleased and wrote to Jeffrey to say that he inspired me and I think that what he does is brilliant and can I send him a copy of my comic. I sent it to him and he emailed me to say thank you. Then I met him at the Windmill last November and he drew a picture in the back of my fresh new comic book and asked me some questions about what I sent him and he recommended me Snakepit. He drew a picture of him recieving my comics in the mail. This one. I think I’ve seen him something like six times now, and he’s always so warm and friendly. He’s so honest and sincere in what he does, and I think that’s something so special. I have only good words to write about Jeffrey Lewis.

The comic book he drew his picture in is almost complete. It’s really exciting for me. But I guess some people find it silly or pointless. All my friends are really good, super talented, amazing people. Consequently it’s pretty easy to feel hugely inept and failworthy, but at the core of it all, I really enjoy drawing comics and I guess I don’t have to scan them in or show them to anyone ever, I just really enjoy drawing them. I think drawing is a wonderful thing, I really love it.


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  1. Sime October 11, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    really really cool. thank ya for sharing!


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