I’m a big fan of Nicki Lighthouse, you know that I am!

You know that I ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhh-am!

The weekend before last I took a trip to my hometown to visit my family. It’s down in Kent, ‘the garden of England’. We were driving in my Dad’s car and we got to listen to this mix CD I made a couple of years ago. It’s a pretty good CD, but we’ve listened to it to death in the car (my family aren’t that into music, so they let me reign control), so maybe it’s time to make a new one. Anyway, we put the CD on and because I haven’t been home in a while I hadn’t heard some of the songs for some time. 

Nicki Lighthouse is like the second or third track on there (after I Love LA by Rilo Kiley, awwwwh). It’s such a fun song that it’s been stuck in my head all week. It’s about this weird girl called Nicki Lighthouse. She is from the jungle and has never rode a bike, instead she rides on apes and llamas everywhere she goes. It’s so poppy and so much fun to sing a long to. The end part is the best. You can hear the song here.

It’s an old of Montreal song, originally released as a 7″ in 2008. But you can find it on the 2000 release Horse & Elephant Eatery too.


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