Interview: The Antlers (on food)

The Antlers

After I asked these three nice people some relevant questions, regarding their music, we ended up chatting about food…

[EDIT: A few months after this interview The Antlers played Bush Hall. I gave them my Nando's cards and they went and got dinner there, and brought me back the stamps. Amazing? Yes.]

I have a completely unrelated question. Have you ever heard of Nando’s?

Michael: A band?

No. It’s a eatery. It’s my favourite place. I’m doing a weird survey, seeing who likes Nando’s… but you haven’t heard of it

M: I love Nando’s. If YOU like it, I like it.

Peter: Is it good?

It’s amazing.

M: What’s your favourite thing there?

Well, they just do chicken.

All: Oh!

M: Well I LOVE chicken!

You can get different spiciness levels.

P: So, spicy chicken…

It’s peri peri.

M: Can you get wings?

You can get wings. You can get whole chickens. You get loyalty cards… but apparently you get loads of loyalty cards in America though, we don’t get them much here…

M: Yeah, like buy one get one free…

P: People aren’t afraid to use them.

M: I’ll tell you something,  do get to New York ever?

I’ve been there, yeah…

M: In the East Village, on Saint Mark’s, we were introduced to a place, it’s a Korean barbeque place, and if you like chicken wings… soy garlic chicken wings, it’s crispy, it’s light, it’s perfect…

P: It’s not messy…

How is it not messy!?

P: I don’t know!

M: It’s magic! They cook it to perfection.

Darby: Yeah. We do have cards though, I went to a little coffee shop in New York, and they gave me a card and it was like ‘buy 20 coffees, and get… 1 free small coffee’. It was ridiculous.

M: Ohhhh. I can’t believe that! Print that!

I was speaking to Alela Diane yesterday on the phone and she was saying that everything in Europe is so small compared to America.

M: Like, driving distance?

No, just food wise…

M: Oh! I didn’t notice that…

She said if you want a tea you get a little cup and in America you get like a jug…

P: It’s all about super sizing things.

M: That’s true, that’s why everyone’s so fat.

D: Well, not in New York…

M: Yeah, if you go to the Midwest…

P: But yeah, I think you can get pretty enormous coffees in America. But I haven’t found stuff in London to be that small.

M: Yeah. Can I ask you something, completely unrelated?


M: Your Twitter. Eye hands! Reminds me of…

Pans Labyrinth.

M: Is that where you got the idea?

No… well, I started the year and I was going to take a photo every day of the year…

M: Are you still doing that?

No, I gave up!

All: (laughs)

M: But yeah, when I see that… it makes me happy.

I love The Antlers and can’t wait for them to be back. Listen up!

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  1. sayhikatherine October 10, 2009 at 12:42 pm #

    They are adorable. Amazing, amazing band :)


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