Lulu and the Lampshades

Quite a few local bands, for me atleast, suffer with this unfortunate ‘three times’ pattern. Such is the nature of going to so many shows, I see alot of bands over and over. Not necessarily because I want to, just because they happen to be around and supporting.

So sometimes I’ll see a band once, having not really listened to them, and think they’re brilliant. Then I’ll see them again and think they’re good or just okay. Then the third time I’ll see them I’ll be bored. The fourth time I’ll be frustrated, and then actively avoid seeing them again. I think this either reflects an impatience on my behalf or suggests that the band’s live show is perhaps a bit soul-less and formulaic (because it all seems a bit like going through the motions). Who knows.

Obviously, there are lots (loads!) of bands that defy this pattern, but not all that many are local. One such local band that I think is brilliant, is Lulu and the Lampshades. I’ve seen them five times now and I still think they are brilliant. They’ve stood the test of time. I love their live show and think their songs are super fun and light hearted.  I look forward to seeing them play more. Furthermore, singer Luisa is really quite interesting. She cycled over a thousand miles around Europe recently, and Italians gave her pasta. It sounds like a tale for a Ben Fogle-esque BBC2 documentary series. That would be fun. Anyway.

Listen to their songs here. I see big things ahead for this band, they’re wonderful.


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