By a stroke of luck I was alerted that the new Scary Mansion record was released digitally here today. I’ve been wondering about the album, and when I would hear it. And now! Now is the time. I bought the album, you can get it in various places like Play, Amazon and 7Digital. 

SO! I’ve heard all these songs before. Nonetheless I am super excited. And I love it thus far. I love love love love love Leah’s voice. I haven’t listened to Every Joke in a while, though I have been listening to lots of A Magical Touch Of Class lately.

ALSO! WOW WOW WOW look! Le Loup and Scary Mansion in Paris in February! Does this mean I have to go to Paris again?!? I think I should try to remain calm and not blog until I can form sentences that don’t ENTIRELY RELY ON SHOUTY CAPS TO CONVEY MY EXCITEMENT! EEE!

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