November Allotment

One thing about having my name in my blog title is that I never get to use the royal ‘We’ because there obviously is no ‘we’. Well, as The Allotment, I can say ‘WE’ all I like because there really is a ‘we’. It’s Lynn and I. And on behalf of Lynn and I, I can say WE are really excited and proud to present our second show at The Betsey Trotwood on November 4th. Tickets are £5 and you can buy more stuff and eat free cake and pumpkin (I’m going to be in pumpkin this month, watermelon was weird).

So this is extra exciting because my friend and favourite musician for miles and miles (gotta get at least to Sweden or Brooklyn for any contenders) is playing. Alessi is playing a solo set headlining, with support from The Momeraths, The Dufflefolks and Brooke Parrott. So if you have 2 cakes and a piece of pumpkin you’re paying less than a pound per band/cake/pumpkin. What a steal! The last Allotment show was really lovely and I should think this will be too, so do come along if you’re in the Farringdon ‘hood, and hey- it’s probably worth traveling far and wide for!

Would be lovely to see you. Give Lynn a visit. And Alessi, and The Momeraths, and The Dufflefolks and Brooke


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